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Memories are ever sweet, but the reminiscences about Shree Odhavji Davda are all about sweets. The progenitor of Khavda Mesukh Ghar, Shree Odhavji Davda, with his unrelenting hard work and honesty has put this shop on the tourist’s itinerary. About .... years ago he started this business in Khavda villiage by offering Mesuk Pak and Karachi Halwa. At that time the shop got fame in a very short period because of exclusive taste, quality and hospitality. People were coming to Khavda specially to buy Mesuk from several cities & villages of Kachchh and they associated the ethnic Mesukh Pak with the name Khavda, which gave name to our first shop Khavda Mesukh Ghar.

As Khavda village is on the western border of India and those were the times of unfriendly relations with neighbouring country, Shree Odhavji Davda saw better oppurtunities in Bhuj, the major town of kachchh district. By this time the second generation consisting of four sons of shree Odhavji Davda i.e MavjiBhai, MohanBhai, JethaBhai and Chagan Bhai were ready to develop the business. So part of family moved to Bhuj and inaugurated its outlet in 1970 name ‘Khavda Mesuk Ghar’.

Shop was situated at prime location and offered more products than only sweets. Firm became very successful in spreading taste of kutchi traditional of sweets and there aroused need of another outlet and so Khavda mesuk centre was stared in 1974. As a part of firms expansion Shree Jethalal Davda in 1981, gave birth to our third outlet Khavda Sweet House headed by Shree Balchand Ganatra and Shree Ravi Davda, an entrepreneur and a true visionary who has made a mark in sweets Indu with his endeavour and business acumen.

Our father ODHAVJIBHAI DAMJIBHAI DAVDA died at the age of 67. We are four sons.

To this wealth of Inherited craftsmen and business acumen, the fourth generation aims to upheld and carry forward the values and goodwill of the firm and take it to greater heights.