Kutchi Peda

Kutchi Peda

These round , brown sweets are a traditional Kutchi delicacy made from the goodness of milk and renowned for their silky texture as well as pleasant taste.


A gram-flour based sweet that is cooked in pure ghee , this unique delicacy is a treat for the senses with its luscious , rapid melt-in-the-mouth texture. It is also available in a cashew nut variant.

Milk Cake

A classic Indian sweet , Milk cake is prepared by slowly reducing milk with pure ghee for hours. The grainy texture and beautiful dual colour of these bars , along with their uniquely sweet taste makes them simply irresistible.


A slightly-tangy , slghtly-sweet mixture of the extraordinary mix of dried nuts, snacking lentils and classic Indian spices, Khavda's Navratan Mixture is a signature savoury snack made to please every palette. This flavoursome snack is a tea-time essential.


Salty , round snack rolls made from refined flour and oil , Pakwan are painstakingly handmade with numerous folds and layers , which give them a delightful crunch.This is Kachchhi salty namkeen. We started to make salty Pakwaan. We are making Masala Pakwaan too.

Pista Candy

Crunched Pistachio sweet coated with classic white chocolate in handy candy shape. A real traditional taste with a mordern touch.


A sumptuonous combination of splendid swiss white chocolate and flavoursome roasted almonds , these cubes made for a uniquely yummy treat. They are also available in a rich dark chocolate variant.

Dryfruit Moong Dal

An all-time favourite Indian snack , the combinationof crunchy nuts and spice-sprinkled moong dal make this delicacy a perfect accompaniment to sweet or tea.

Shahi Gulab

With a rich , earthly cashew nut base enveloped in aromatic , delectable rose petals , this exquisitely regal sweet tantalises the taste buds without any guilt due to low sugar content

Gulab Pak

A traditional offering of the land of Kutch , combining the choicest rose petals and dr fruits with milk into a delicately flavourful , luxurious sweet.

Kesar Katli

This succulent cashew nut-based delicac is loaded with the magnificent flavours of saffron , making it a royal delight.

Kaju Katli

The choicest cashew nuts are used to craft this all-time favourite sweet with its smooth , velvety texture , that is a must-have in Indian households for every occasion.

Anjeer Square

These crackling , nutty , fig-based cubes are the perfect sweet filler for in-between meals. With no added sugar , these also have numerous health benefits and their long shelf life makes them the perfect travelling companions.

Khajoor Square

With the goodness of the choicest dates and dry fruits , as well as no added sugar , yhese crunchy , nutty squares are the perfect versatile , guilt-free desserts or snack for in-between meals.

Energy Bar

An indulgent mix of figs , almonds , pistachios , gently mixed with roses patels. Did you know that these bars is one of the best sources of energy and nutrition.