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This is one of the India’s most famous sweets, People in North India calls it Mesuk-Paak, in South India they calls it Mesur-paak, & we call it Mesuk. Actually Mesuk is a Mogul item, which is invented before 300-400 years ago when Pakistan & Afghanistan were lands of India. My Grandfather learnt it from Sindh(now its in Pakistan). So, its originally a Sindhi or we can call a mogul item. Our Mesuk is very famous because we make it with its very original recipe. Our customers say our Mesuk is the softest & most fast melting Mesuk in India. You just put it in your mouth & you don’t even have to chew it, it will melt itself in seconds. Made from Beshan, loads of Ghee, Pistachio, and Sugar.


Gulab-pak was invented in our own shop. We are the 1st in India to make a sweet of pure rose petals. Even, till now we can firmly say that none can make Gulab pak like us. We make it from Pure Rose Petals, Almond, Cashew, pistachio & Milk & Sugar. This is the most favorite item of our Kathiavadi & Kutchi customers.


We prepare this winter sweet very uniquely with about 40 spices along with Saffron, Ghee, Khas Khas & Adad Daal. It’s a winter sweet, very good for health & some people even recommend it for pregnant women. This incredible sweet tastes beter when served hot with Papad.


We make this sweet from pure Tree-Glue; it’s another item for winter. Some people says if you eat this regularly, you can be as strong as steel. We make it with natural TREE-Glue, saffron, Ghee, dry fruits & Sugar.


It’s a common item in India but people nowadays add more & more sugar in it. We just add sugar for making it a bit hard to make proper pieces. Though it’s a winter sweet, now we make it regularly 365 days by public demand.


This sweet is made from Figs, dry fruits, saffron, Ghee. It is very tasty and healthy too.


Sohan Padi is very sweet, yellow colored burfi, made of besan. It is fluffy and wafery in texture. Our Sohan Papadi will melt in your mouth and its taste will linger for a long time in your mouth. It is the sweet with longest shelf life. It is made from Beshan, Sugar & Ghee.


This sweet is contrary of SONPAPDI, Sonpapdi is very soft & stringy sweet, while SONHALWA is the hardest sweet to chew in all sweets.. We make it from Ataa, Ghee, and Sugar.


This sweet is very rubbery; it’s like a Chewing Gum but far better for health than Chewing Gum. We make it from Maida, Dry Fruits & Ghee.


Penda is the king of all sweets. It’s an inevitable sweet for any Indian. If you are celebrating any occasion you have to distribute Penda as sharing happiness to every of your relative, if you’ve got a baby you need Penda for good luck, if you have got a new car, you need Penda for it. It’s like a must sweet for Indians. We make many kind of Pendas; Kachchhi Penda is a kind of physically hard, brown & Roasted Penda. We make it by our own Kachchhi recipe. It’s very famous in local villages.


Though this sweet is very old & famous, it was vanished from sweet-business gradually. House-hold ladies make it occasionally on festivals. It is a Rajasthani sweet, now relished every where.


We don’t need anything to say about this sweet, it’s a very old & famous sweet in India. Our MOTICHUR LADDUs are famous for its softness & freshness.


It is another traditional sweet made from Besan. Festivals are celebrated with this sweet in many religions.


People in Kachchh love this sweet with Ganthiya. It is every marriage or occasion along with the Ganthiya to make ideal combination of sweet and namkeen.


SATA is a pure Kachchhi sweet, It is rare to find it elsewhere than Kachchhi. We make it from Sugar, Maida & Ghee. It Kachchhi’s favourite.


People here call it MEETHA MAWA. This is the very milky, bubbly soft sweet. Just made by MILK & SUGAR.


It’s a coconut sweet, mostly consumed during fasting days.


We are used to eat pizza as a snack, now we make a sweet dry fruit pizza. We make pizza from only dry fruits. We make it from cashew & Dry fruits syrup. A very Unique & famous item.


In modern days, this sweet is getting good fame in India, especially on Diwali people now gives this sweet to relatives. It’s an modern Indian sweet. Our Kaju katli it famous for its softness & preferable level of Sugar.


It’s a dry fruit sweet shaped like an apple & add some masala in it.


Kaju Roll can be made differently. We make Kaju-Anjir Roll, Kaju- Keshar Roll, Kaju-Pista Roll.


We can make 32 kind of Bengoli sweets like Rossogulla, Malai Sandwich, Cham Cham, Sondesh, Raaj-Bhog, Kamal Bhog, Malai Raaj-Bhog, Pakiza, Keshar Kali & so on. Most people orders Bengoli sweets at marriages here. Trend is being changed because Bengoli sweets are cold & good for marriages in summer. Bengoli sweets are favorite in summer.


We make all kind of Namkeens like Sev, Ganthiya, Paapdi, Bhakhar wadi, Phool wadi, Waffers, Chiwdas, and Mix Namkeens. We make all Indian Namkeens.


This is Kachchhi salty namkeen. We started to make salty Pakwaan. We are making Masala Pakwaan too.